ShowMyPC 3055

Access, view and discuss via whiteboard data remotely from another connected computer's files and desktop

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    Remote access

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    Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 98

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ShowMyPC 3055
ShowMyPC 3.0

ShowMyPC is a simple remote access and collaboration tool. It lets you share your screen with other users through the Internet. There are many potential uses for such a tool, such as providing remote support, hosting virtual meetings or teaching someone how to use a certain application.

One of the Simplest Collaboration Tools You Can Find

ShowMyPC is relatively easy to use, even for those who have little technical skills or who have never used remote collaboration software before. The application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Installing the software takes just a few minutes and the automatic installer takes care of setting up all necessary components that work behind the scenes to allow remote access to a PC.

Both the user sharing their PC and the one connecting to it install the application on their system. There is also a Java version available on the ShowMyPC, which can be used to access a remote computer without having to install the Windows application. This can be a big plus if one needs to share their desktop with a Mac or Linux user.

Once both users have launched ShowMyPC, the one sharing their PC simply clicks on the "Show My PC Now" button, which makes the program automatically generate a password to be provided to the other user. The user on the viewing end just needs to hit the "View Remote PC" button and enter the password provided by the host.

ShowMyPC has a basic chat and whiteboard feature that lets both users communicate without having to use another messenger program. Other features included are the ability to share only a specific application, screenshots and scheduled meetings. More advanced users can set up the program to connect through a proxy or private SSH server if needed.

Free Version Has Some Limitations

ShowMyPC is made for individual users who want the simplest possible collaboration tool. It takes advantage of VNC and SSH forwarding, which are very common open source remote access technologies. However, unlike other VNC-based applications geared towards more advanced users like server administrators, it doesn't require configuring port forwarding, adding exceptions to firewalls or providing the remote user with the host's IP address.

While it's quite good for a free program, it does have a few small shortcomings. The latest version comes with an updated user interface to give the program a more modern appearance, though some users have reported visual glitches, such as menu options disappearing for a few seconds while a connection is active.

The free version of ShowMyPC can only be used to connect to one PC at a time, with a time limit of one hour per session. Some features that could be practical for many users, like file transfer and shared folders, are only available by purchasing one of the paid versions.


  • Very simple remote collaboration tool.
  • Can share a whole desktop or individual applications.
  • Built-in chat and whiteboard system.
  • Web-based viewer available for Linux and Mac users.


  • Free version limits session time and lacks more powerful features.
  • Minor visual glitches can happen during active session.

ShowMyPC is a free, open-source collaboration tool that allows you to share screens, applications, and desktops between remote computers.

This program is a quick and easy way to share your computer with others. It is an ideal way to collaborate on a project, provide technical assistance, access, or track PCs remotely. It installs quickly and has a very simple interface. After installation, you tell the program to connect to the other computer, and the person at the other end sets up a password. When you put in the password, you have access to the other computer remotely, and can specify whether you would like to share only your screen or a specific program. ShowMyPC also allows users to chat and transfer files between computers.

For those who are more technically savvy, the program offers methods to establish a more secure connection through VNC and proxies.

This version is free, but ShowMyPC is also marketed as a business collaboration tool, specifically for remote technical support, web conferencing, online meetings, IT support, and broadcasting. Businesses or those who would like to connect multiple PCs may purchase a paid version, which allows several PCs to be connected simultaneously for online meetings. The number of computers you can connect is based on the subscription level you choose. The paid version includes technical support and other premium features.

ShowMyPC is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Though the interface is simple and not very glamorous, this tool is very functional and is a useful way for individuals to access any PC remotely, collaborate, chat, and transfer files.


Free and open-source versions available

Includes file transfer and chat functionality


Simple interface

Certain features may require technical knowledge or paid subscription

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